Kimmy Gibbler – 25lb Long Haired Terrier Mixed w/ Pomeranian

Kimmy Gibbler

Khloe was my first child. This is Kimmy Gibbler,  our 2nd child. She is almost 4 year old  and is a Long Haired Terrier Mixed with Pomeranian mixed with we really don’t know 100%. We saved Kimmy when she was just a puppy from the Animal Rescue Center in Richland Center, Wisconsin. It was a tough decision to pick which puppy to take home since we had a large selection to choose from. I wish I could have taken all of the puppies home since they were all ridiculously cute. Kimmy is now part of our family and acts as a loving sister to Khloe.

Little Kimmy Gibbler

Kimmy And Khloe

Kimmy Gibbler

Kimmy GIbbler


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