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Grow Op For Seeds Up And Running

March 25, 2014

march garden start

I heard enough complaining from the wife about all of my seed starts making a huge mess so this year I decided to go to Ace Hardware and get some supplies to start my own little grow room.  It really was much cheaper then I expected to buy a few florescent lights that had power plugins built directly into them.  Peppers take forever to start so that being said I had those suckers seeded early March.  I ended up planting 6 different types of peppers including bell peppers, brown chocolate Jamaican habaneros, Big Daddy Devils, jalapenos, and a few seeds I saved from last years pepper harvest. Next came the tomatoes and purple cauliflower I ordered off Amazon.  I went with 6 different types of tomatoes to have a nice variety like the peppers:  Giant white tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes heirlooms, yellow pear tomatoes & a few seeds from last years harvest.

march garden start march garden start